Martes, Abril 4

Tuesday, April 04 2023
US Eastern Time -04 GMT

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Deportes 10 8:30am ATP: Millennium Estoril Open

Deportes 14 11:00am Credit One Charleston Open (Court 1)

Deportes 15 11:00am Credit One Charleston Open (Court 2)


Deportes 11 12:00pm Eintracht Frankfurt@Union Berlin/2:45pm Bayern München@Freiburg

ESPN2 US 8:00pm 2:45pm Bayern München@Freiburg

ENGLAND-Premier League

Deportes 1 2:45pm Leeds United@Nottingham Forest

Deportes 10 2:45pm AFC Bournemouth@Brighton & Hove Albion

Deportes 13 2:45pm Leicester City@Aston Villa

Deportes 15 3:00pm Chelsea@Liverpool

ITALY-Coppa Italia

Deportes 8 3:00pm Juventus@Internazionale

SPAIN-Copa del Rey

Deportes 22 3:00pm Athletic Club@Osasuna

ARGENTINA-Primera Division

NBCSN 8:10pm Argentino Merlo vs Talleres Remedios


Deportes 8 7:05pm Tlaxcala@CA La Paz/9:05pm Venados@Leones Negros UdeG/11:05pm Raya2@Durango

CONCACAF Champions League

FS1 8:00pm Philadelphia Union@Atlas/10:00pm León@Violette AC

<<<<<USA Sports>>>>>

2023 MLB Season

SPORT MIX 2 6:00pm MLB MIX (8 Pantallas Live)

MLB Network 4:05pm Diamondbacks@Padres/9:40pm Cleveland Guardians@Oakland Athletics

PPV1 6:40pm Cubs@Reds

CBSSN 6:40pm Twins@Marlins

ACCNet 7:05pm Rays@Nationals

Deportes 10 7:05pm Phillies@Yankees

Deportes 13 7:05pm Pirates@Red Sox

Deportes 17 7:30pm Blue Jays@Royals

Deportes 18 7:30pm Mets@Brewers

Deportes 19 7:30pm Braves@Cardinals

Deportes 20 8:00pm Orioles@Rangers

Deportes 3 9:40pm Angels@Mariners

Deportes 4 10:10pm Colorado Rockies@Los Angeles Dodgers

2023 NBA Basketball League

Deportes 1 7:00pm Raptors@Hornets/10:00pm Thunders@Warriors

Deportes 2 7:00pm Heat@Piston/10:00pm Spurs@Suns

Deportes 3 7:00pm Cavaliers@Magic

Deportes 4 7:00pm Bucks@Wizards

Deportes 5 7:30pm Timberwolves@Nets

Deportes 6 8:00pm Hawks@Bulls

Deportes 7 8:00pm Nuggets@Rockets

SPORT MIX 8:00pm Trail Blazers@Grizzlies

Deportes 15 8:00pm Celtics@76ers

Deportes 22 8:00pm Kings@Pelicans

Deportes 23 8:00pm Celtics@76ers

Deportes 2 9:00pm Lakers@Jazz

NHL-Season Pass

Deportes 14 7:00pm Blue Jackets@Maple Leafs/9:30pm Blackhawks@Flames

Deportes 16 7:00pm Senators@Hurricanes/10:00pm Kraken@Canucks

Deportes 5 10:30pm Avalanche@Sharks

NBAG Play Offs

ESPNU 9:00pm Delaware Blue Coats@Rio Grande Valley Vipers


DigitalVision Hipodromo V Centenario

Hipodromo Camarero: Hipodromo Camarero PR

TVG1 Racetrack: Mix Racetrack

Racetrack 1: 

Racetrack 2: Parx Racing

Racetrack 3: Turf Paradise

Racetrack 4: Saratoga

Racetrack 5: Laurel Park

Racetrack 6: Monticello Raceway/Yonker

Racetrack 7: Mardi Grass

Racetrack 8: Gulfstream

MIX Racetrack/Racetrack 9:

Racetrack 10: 

Racetrack 11: 

Racetrack 12:

Racetrack 13:


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