Viernes, Nov 25

Friday, Nov 25 2022
US Eastern Time -04 GMT

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FIFA World Cup 2022

FS1 6:00am Wales@Iran/9:00am Qatar@Senegal

FIFA World 1 6:00am Wales@Iran/9:00am Qatar@Senegal

Deportes 12 6:00am Wales@Iran/9:00am Qatar@Senegal/12:00pm Netherlands@Ecuador/3:00pm England@USA (ESPANOL)

FOX Network 12:00pm Netherlands@Ecuador/3:00pm England@USA

FIFA World 2 12:00pm Netherlands@Ecuador/3:00pm England@USA

PORTUGAL-Taca da Liga

Deportes 11 4:45pm Porto@Mafra

Pelota Invernal Dominicana

Deportes 8 7:30pm Estrellas@Aguilas

Deportes 10 7:30pm Gigantes@Leones

Deportes 11 7:30pm Tigres del Licey@Toros del Este

<<<<<USA Sports>>>>>

NCAA Basketball

ESPN2 US 11:00am College Basketball/1:00pm USC@Wisconsin/3:00pm College Basketball/8:00pm College Basketball/10:00pm College Basketball

BTN Network 12:30pm Jackson State@Indiana

FS1 1:00pm Texas A&M@DePaul

ESPNews 1:30pm Stanford@Florida State/9:00pm College Basketball

ESPN US 3:30pm College Basketball/7:30pm College Basketball/9:30pm College Basketball/11:30pm College Basketball

ESPNU 3:30pm College Basketball/6:00pm Oregon State@Florida

Deportes 21 4:00pm Washington State@Detroit Mercy

ACCNet 6:00pm Maryland-Eastern Shore@Virginia/8:00pm Charleston Southern@Virginia Tech

CBSSN 7:00pm Iowa@Clemson/9:30pm California vs. TCU

College Football

CBS Washington 12:00pm Utah State@Boise State/3:30pm Arkansas@Missouri

ESPN US 12:00pm Baylor@Texas

ESPNU 12:00pm Toledo@Western Michigan

CBSSN 12:00pm Central Michigan@Eastern Michigan/3:30pm New Mexico@Colorado State

Deportes 6 12:00pm Tulane@Cincinnati/3:30pm NC State@North Carolina

FS1 3:00pm Arizona State@Arizona/10:00pm Wyoming@Fresno State

BTN Network 4:00pm Nebraska@Iowa

Deportes 7 4:30pm UCLA@California

ABC NY 7:30pm Florida@Florida State

2022 NBA Pass

SportMix 7:00pm NBA MIX (8 Live Screen)

Deportes 1 5:00pm Timberwolves@Hornets/8:00pm Bulls@Thunder

Deportes 2 7:00pm 76ers@Magic/10:00pm Jazz@Warriors

Deportes 3 7:30pm Trail Blazers@Knicks

Deportes 4 8:00pm Lakers@Spurs

Deportes 5 8:00pm Kings@Celtics

Deportes 6 8:00pm Hawks@Rockets

Deportes 12 8:00pm Pelicans@Grizzlies/10:30pm Nuggets@Clippers

Deportes 22 8:00pm Wizards@Heat

Deportes 23 8:00pm Cavaliers@Bucks

Deportes 25 9:00pm Pistons@Suns

NHL Season

Deportes 1 1:00pm Hurricanes@Bruins

Deportes 2 2:00pm Flames@Capitals

Deportes 3 2:00pm Avalanche@Predators/10:30pm Kings@Sharks

Deportes 4 2:00pm Canadiens@Blackhawks

Deportes 5 2:00pm Maple Leafs@Wild

Deportes 10 3:00pm Senators@Ducks

ESPN Sur 2 5:30pm Penguins@Flyers/8:00pm Blues@Lightning

Deportes 14 8:00pm Coyotes@Red Wings/10:30pm Kings@Sharks

Deportes 15 8:00pm Islanders@Blue Jackets

Deportes 16 8:00pm Devils@Sabres


DigitalVision Hipodromo V Centenario

Hipodromo Camarero: Hipodromo Camarero PR

TVG1 Racetrack: Mix Racetrack

Racetrack 1: Acueduct/Mardi Grass

Racetrack 2: Wheeling Island/Remington Park

Racetrack 3: Del Mar

Racetrack 4: Churchills/Charles Town Races

Racetrack 5: ZIA

Racetrack 6: Laurel Park

Racetrack 7: Golden Gates

Racetrack 8: Gulfstream/Yonkers

MIX Racetrack/Racetrack 9: Southland

Racetrack 10: 

Racetrack 11:

Racetrack 12: 

Racetrack 13:


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