Jueves, Sept 01

Thrusday, Sept 01 2022
US Eastern Time -04 GMT

Asia and Philippines Click here>>>> https://ddsport.blog/


Deportes 17 8:20am Hungary@Bosnia-Herzegovina/11:05am Lithuania@Slovenia/2:20pm France@Germany

Deportes 18 10:05am Montenegro@Turkey/12:50pm Belgium@Georgia

2022 US OPEN Tennis

Deportes 1 11:00am US OPEN MIX

Deportes 2 11:00am US Open Court 1

Deportes 3 11:00am US Open Court 2

Deportes 4 11:00am US Open Court 3

Deportes 5 11:00am US Open Court 4

Deportes 6 11:00am-2:00pm US Open Court 5

ESPN US 12:00pm-6:00pm 2022 US Open Tennis

ESPN2 US 6:00pm-10:00pm 2022 US Open Tennis


Deportes 24 11:00am Botosani@Arges Pitesti/2:00pm Hermannstadt@CSU Craiova

FIFA Womens World Cup

Deportes 8 12:00pm Denmark@Montenegro


PPV1 2:00pm AZ@NEC


Deportes 14 2:45pm Atalanta@Torino

Deportes 15 2:45pm Bologna@Salernitana

ENGLAND-Premier League

NBCSN 3:00pm Leicester City@Manchester United


Deportes 16 7:00pm Huracán@Central Córdoba SdE

Mexico Soccer

TDN Deportes 8:20pm Atletico San Luis@Tijuana/10:00pm Queretaro@Puebla

COLOMBIA-Primera Division

Deportes 22 8:30pm Atlético Nacional@Envigado


ESPN Sur 2 8:30pm Atlético Goianiense@São Paulo

NICARAGUA-Primera Division

Deportes 13 9:00pm Real Estelí@Diriangén

<<<<<USA Sports>>>>>

2022 MLB Season

Sportmix 12:00pm MLB MIX (8 Pantallas Live)

MLB Network 1:10pm Mariners@Tigers

Deportes 10 2:10pm White Sox@Royals

Deportes 6 4:10pm Dodgers@Mets

Deportes 7 4:10pm A’s@Nationals

Deportes 1 6:10pm Orioles@Gurdians

Deportes 2 7:10pm Rangers@Red Sox

Deportes 3 7:10pm Rockies@Braves

Deportes 4 9:40pm Brewers@Diamondbacks

NCAA American Football

Deportes 13 6:00pm North Alabama@Indiana State

Deportes 14 6:00pm St. Francis@Akron

ESPN US 7:00pm West Virginia@Pittsburgh

FS1 7:00pm Central Michigan@Oklahoma State/10:30pm Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo@Fresno State

Deportes 10 7:00pm South Carolina State@UCF

SEC 7:00pm Ball State@Tennessee

PPV1 7:30pm Western Illinois@UT Martin

Deportes 15 7:30pm Mars Hill@East Tennessee State

ACCNet 7:30pm Virginia Military Institute@Wake Forest

FOX/FOX Washington 8:00pm Penn State@Purdue

ESPNU 8:00pm Louisiana Tech@Missouri

CBSSN 8:00pm Alabama A&M@Alabama-Birmingham

Deportes 17 8:00pm Eastern Illinois@Northern Illinois

Deportes 18 8:00pm St. Thomas (MN)@Southern Utah

Deportes 19 8:00pm Western Oregon@Weber State

Deportes 20 8:00pm Missouri State@Central Arkansas

BTN Network 9:00pm New Mexico State@Minnesota

Deportes 9 10:00pm Nortern Arizona@Arizona State


DigitalVision Hipodromo V Centenario

Hipodromo Camarero: Hipodromo Camarero PR

TVG1 Racetrack: Mix Racetrack

Racetrack 1: PAXR Racing

Racetrack 2: Colonial/Woodbine

Racetrack 3: Finger Lakes/Mountaineer

Racetrack 4: Monmouth Park

Racetrack 5: Jack Racino

Racetrack 6: Louisiana Park

Racetrack 7: Monticello Raceway/Yonkers

Racetrack 8: Gulfstream Park

MIX Racetrack/Racetrack 9: 

Racetrack 10:

Racetrack 11:

Racetrack 12:

Racetrack 13:

INFO: guiadeportes@gmail.com

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