Wednesday, June 29

Wednesday, June 29


Deportes 10 1:00pm Bangkok Tiger Thunder@Chaophraa Thunder/3:00pm Airforce Madgoat@Bangkok C./5:00pm T-REX@Ban Bueng Devil Rays/7:00pm Dunkin Raptors@SWU BC

CHINA-Super League Soccer

PPV 1 Events 3:30pm Shanghai Port@Shanghai Shenhua/5:30pm Shenzhen Ruby@Tianjin Tigers

Deportes 13 4:30pm Meizhou Hakka@Cangzhou Mighty Lions/7:30pm Changchun Yatai@Hangzhou

SOUTH KOREA-KBO Baseball League

Deportes 16 5:30pm KBO Baseball League

Deportes 17 5:30pm KBO Baseball League

Deportes 18 5:30pm KBO Baseball League

Deportes 19 5:30pm KBO Baseball League

Deportes 10 5:30pm KBO Baseball League


Deportes 14 6:00pm Busan Transportation@Seoul

Deportes 15 6:00pm Daegu@Pohang Steelers

2022 Wimbledon Championships

Deportes 1 6:00pm Wimbledon MIX

Deportes 2 6:00pm Wimbledon Simulcast

Deportes 3 6:00pm Wimbledon-Court 3

Deportes 4 6:00pm Wimbledon-Court 4

Deportes 5 6:00pm Wimbledon-Court 5

Deportes 6 8:00pm Wimbledon-Court 2

Deportes 7 8:00pm Wimbledon-Ce

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