Wednesday, May 11


KUSF College Basketball

Deportes 13 2:00pm Hanyang University@Shipbullding University/4:00pm Dankook University@Sangmyeongdae

ASIA-Southeast Asian Games

Deportes 10 5:00pm Cambodia U23@Singapore U23/8:00pm Malaysia U23@Laos U23

ATP Internaionali BNL dItalia

Deportes 14 5:00pm ATP Internaionali BNL dItalia

South Korea-KBO Baseball League

Deportes 16 5:30pm KBO Baseball League

Deportes 17 5:30pm KBO Baseball League

Deportes 18 5:30pm KBO Baseball League

Deportes 19 5:30pm KBO Baseball League

Deportes 20 5:30pm KBO Baseball League

Australia-NBL Basketball (Play Offs)

PPV 1 Events 5:30pm Sydney@Tasmania Jack

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