Saturday, Jan 01

Saturday Morning/Evening, Jan 01

Japan B League Basketball

Deortes 18 2:00pm Gunma Crane Thunders@Utsunomiya Brex

South Korea KBL Basketball

Deportes 14 2:00pm KoGas@Goyang

Deportes 15 2:00pm Mobis Phoebus@LG Sakers/4:00pm Suwon KT@Seoul Thunders

China CBA Basketball

Deportes 10 3:00pm Tianjin@Zhejiang Guangha

Chinese Super League Soccer

Deportes 16 3:30pm Guangzhou FC@Changchun Yatai

Deportes 14 4:00pm Shandong Taishan@Shanghai Port

Wait more updates!!!

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