Sabado, 25 Dic

Saturday, Dec 25 2021
US Eastern Time -05 GMT

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USA Sports/Deportes/Partidos -5 GMT Hora Local (Miami)

2021 NBA Season

Deportes 4 12:00pm Hawks@Knicks/10:30pm Mavericks@Jazz

ESPN US 12:00pm Hawks@Knicks/10:30pm Mavericks@Jazz

Deportes 7 2:30pm Celtis@Bucks/5:00pm Warriors@Suns/8:00pm Nets@Lakers

NCAA Basketball

ESPNU 1:30pm Wyoming@South Florida/4:00pm College Basketball

ESPN2 US 6:30pm College Basketball/9:00pm College Basketball

NCAA Football

ESPN US 2:30pm Georgia State@Ball State

NFL Season

Deportes 5 4:30pm Browns@Packers

Deportes 1 4:30pm Browns@Packers/8:15pm Colts@Cardinals


La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es racetrack.jpg

DigitalVision 1:00pm Hipodromo V Centenario

Hipodromo Camarero: Hipodromo Camarero PR

TVG1 Racetrack: Mix Racetrack

Racetrack 1: 

Racetrack 2: 

Racetrack 3

Racetrack 4

Racetrack 5: 

Racetrack 6: Laurel Park

Racetrack 7: 

Racetrack 8: 

MIX Racetrack/Racetrack 9:

Racetrack 10: 

Racetrack 11: 

Racetrack 12:


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