Jueves, Nov 11

Thursday, NOV 11 2021
US Eastern Time -05 GMT

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Tennis 6:00am WTA Finals & Next Gen ATP Finals Round Robin, Stockholm-ATP Early Rounds, Linz-WTA Quarterfinals

USA Sports/Deportes/Partidos -5 GMT Hora Local (Miami)

FIFA World Cup Qualifying

Deportes 8 7:00am Korea Republic@United Arab Emirates/9:00am Tanzania@Congo DR/11:00am China@Oman/3:45pm Romania vs Iceland

Deportes 10 8:00am Lebanon@Iran

Deportes 14 8:00am Vietnam@Japan

Deportes 9 9:00am Ethiopia@Ghana/1:00pm Azerbaijan@Luxembourg/3:45pm Ireland Republic@Portugal/8:30pm Brazil@Colombia

PPV1 9:00am Uganda@Kenya/1:00pm Iraq@Syria/3:00pm South Africa@Zimbabwe

Deportes 11 1:00pm Georgia@Sweden/10:00pm Peru@BoliviaDeportes

TDN Deportes 1:00pm Rusia@Chipre/3:40pm Grecia@Espana

Deportes 23 1:00pm Armenia@North Macedonia/3:45pm Germany@Liechtenstein/7:00pm Paraguay@Chile

Deportes 12 3:45pm Malta@Croatia

Deportes 22 3:45pm Slovakia@Slovenia

Deportes 21 5:00pm Ecuador@Venezuela

Friendly Soccer

Deportes 15 1:00pm Serbia@Qatar

Deportes 14 1:00pm Serbia@Qatar

Deportes 21 1:30pm Czech Republic@Kuwait

Argentina Soccer

Deportes 24 3:30pm Colegiales@Flandria

NCAA Basketball

FS1 6:30pm Sacred Heart@Providence/8:30pm Kennesaw State@Creighto

BTN Network 6:30pm George Washignton@Maryland/8:30pm Michigan@Penn State

Espere mas Actualizaciones durante el dia

2021 NBA Season

Sport Mix 7:00pm Raptors@76ers/10:30pm Heat@Clippers

Deportes 1 9:00pm Pacers@Jazz

2021 NHL Season

Deportes 2 7:00pm Oilers@Bruins/10:00pm Wild@Golden Knights

Deportes 3 7:00pm Flames@Canadiens/10:00pm Ducks@Kraken

Deportes 4 7:00pm Kings@Senators

Deportes 5 7:00pm Islanders@Devils

Deportes 6 7:00pm Panthers@Penguins

Deportes 8 8:00pm Sharks@Jets

Deportes 15 8:00pm Predators@Blues

College Football

ESPN US 7:30pm North Carolina@Pittsburgh

2021 NFL Season

Deportes 7 8:00pm Ravens@Dolphins

NBA G League

ESPN2 US 8:00pm Agua Caliente Clippers@G League Ignite


La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es racetrack.jpg

DigitalVision 1:00pm Hipodromo V Centenario

Hipodromo Camarero: Hipodromo Camarero PR

TVG1 Racetrack: Mix Racetrack

Racetrack 1: Wheeling’s Island

Racetrack 2: Saratoga/Northfield

Racetrack 3: Finger Lakes/Mountaineer

Racetrack 4: Monticello Raceway/Yonkers

Racetrack 5: Southland

Racetrack 6: Laurel Park

Racetrack 7: PARX Racing/Woodbine

Racetrack 8: Gulfstream Park

MIX Racetrack/Racetrack 9: ZIA Park

Racetrack 10: 

Racetrack 11:

Racetrack 12: Off Air

Comentarios/Comments: guiadeportes@gmail.com

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