Martes 31 Agosto

Tuesday, August 31 2021
US Eastern Time +12 GMT

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FIBA Basketball

Deportes 9 9:00am Nigeria@Uganda/12:00pm South Sudan@Kenya

2021 US Open Tennis

Deportes 1 11:00am US Open Mix Channel

Deportes 2 11:00am US Open Court 1

Deportes 10 11:00am US Open Court 2

Deportes 3 11:00am US Open Court 3

Deportes 4 11:00am US Open Court 4

Deportes 5 11:00am US Open Court 5

Deportes 15 11:00am US Open Court 8

Deportes 6 12:00pm US Open Court 6

Deportes 7 12:00pm US Open Court 7

ESPN US 12:00pm 2021 US Open Tennis

Deportes 13 12:00pm 2021 US Open Tennis (Espanol)

ABC NY 12:00pm 2021 US Open Tennis (Espanol)

Deportes 18 11:00am US Open Court 9

Deportes 19 11:00am US Open Court 10

Deportes 20 11:00am US Open Court 11

Mexico Soccer

Deportes 13 6:00pm Mineros de Zacatecas@Tampico Madero/8:05pm Venados@Cimarrones de Sonora/10:05pm Dorados@Cancún

2021 MLB Season

SPORTS MIX 1:00pm MLB Sport Mix (8 Pantallas)

Deportes 10 6:30pm Cardinals@Reds

Deportes 1 7:10pm Phillies@Nationals/10:10pm Astros@Mariners

Deportes 2 7:10pm Orioles@Blue Jays/10:10pm Braves@Dodgers

Deportes 3 7:10pm A’s@Tigers

PPV1 7:10pm Boston Red Sox@Tampa Bay Rays

ABC NY 7:10pm Boston Red Sox@Tampa Bay Rays

Deportes 4 8:10pm Rockies@Rangers

Deportes 5 8:10pm Indians@Royals

Deportes 6 9:30pm Yankees@Angels

Deportes 7 9:30pm Padres@Diamondbacks

Deportes 8 7:10pm Marlins@Mets

Deportes 9 8:10pm Cubs@Twins

Deportes 11 8:10pm Pirates@White Sox

FS1 9:30pm Brewers@Giants

WNBA Basketball

NBATV 7:00pm Sun@Mystics/9:00pm Sky@Mercury


La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es racetrack.jpg

DigitalVision 1:00pm Hipodromo V Centenario

Hipodromo Camarero: Hipodromo Camarero PR

TVG1 Racetrack: Mix Racetrack

Racetrack 1: Wheeling’s Island

Racetrack 2: Saratoga

Racetrack 3: Finger Lakes/Mountaineer

Racetrack 4: Monticello Raceway/Yonkers

Racetrack 5: Indiana Grand Casino

Racetrack 6: Louisiana Park

Racetrack 7: PARX Racing

Racetrack 8: Gulfstream Park

MIX Racetrack: MIX Racetrack

Racetrack 10: Jack Thistledown/Penn National

Racetrack 11: Colonial/Woodbine Racetrack

Racetrack 12: The Red Miles


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