Martes 8 Sept

Tuesday, Sept 08 2020
US Eastern Time +12 GMT

Asia and Philippines Visit

2020 US Open Tennis:


ESPN US 12:00pm 2020 US Open Tennis 

PPV1 Event 7:00pm (4) Osaka vs. Rogers (Women’s Quarterfinals)

Europe UEFA Nations League:


Deportes 8 12:00pm UEFA Nations League/2:40pm UEFA Nations League

Deportes 9 12:00pm UEFA Nations League/2:40pm UEFA Nations League

Deportes 10 2:40pm UEFA Nations League

Deportes 11 2:40pm UEFA Nations League

Deportes 12 2:40pm UEFA Nations League

Deportes 14 2:40pm UEFA Nations League

Deportes 15 2:40pm UEFA Nations League

ESPN2 US 2:40pm Denmark@England

TDN Deportes 2:40pm Sweden@Portugal

Peru Primera Division

GOLTV Peru: 12:00pm Sport Huancayo@Carlos Stein/2:15pm Cusco@Academia Cantolao/4:30pm Deportivo Municipal@Deportivo Llacuabamba/7:00pm Carlos Manucci@César Vallejo

Euro 21 Qualifying

Deportes 15 12:30pm Sweden U21@Italy U21

Deportes 16 12:30pm Portugal U21@Belarus U21/2:00pm Netherlands U21@Norway U21

Chile Primera Division:

Deportes 14 10:00am Univ. Concepción@Unión La Calera/5:30pm Unión Española@Santiago Wanderers

Mexico Primera Division

TDN Deportes 5:30pm Atletico San Luis@Necaxa/8:00pm Toluca@Juarez/10:00pm Puebla@America

Fox Deportes 8:00pm Monterrey@Atlas

Deporets 13 10:00pm Guadalajara@Querétaro

NHL Hockey

NBCSN 8:00pm Dallas Stars@Vegas Golden Knights

WNBA Basketball

ESPN2 US 8:00pm Minnesota Lynx@Washington Mystics/10:00pm Indiana Fever@Las Vegas Aces

CBSSN 7:00pm Los Angeles Sparks@New York Liberty

NBA Playoff


Deportes 5 6:30pm Miami Heat@Milwaukee Bucks/9:00pm Los Angeles Lakers@Houston Rockets

MLB Season: 



Deportes 1 3:05pm Twins@Cardinals/6:00pm Twins@Cardinals/9:35pm Dodgers@Diamondbacks

Deportes 2 4:10pm Red Sox@Phillies/7:00pm Red Sox@Phillies

Deportes 3 6:10pm A’s@Astros/9:10pm A’s@Astros

Deportes 4 6:10pm Rays@Nationals/9:10pm Rockies@Padres

Deportes 6 6:10pm Royals@Indians/9:35pm Mariners@Giants

Deportes 7 6:30pm Yankees@Blue Jays

Deportes 8 7:10pm White Sox@Pirates

Deportes 9 7:10pm Orioles@Mets

Deportes 10 7:10pm Marlins@Braves

Deportes 11 7:10pm Brewers@Tigers

Deportes 12 8:10pm Reds@Cubs

Deportes 14 8:10pm Angels@Rangers

FS1 7:00pm Red Sox@Phillies



PPV1 1:00pm Hipodromo V Centenario/Camarero

TVG1 Racetrack: Mix Racetrack

Racetrack 1 (CH 150): Palm Beach Kennel

Racetrack 2 (CH 151): Finger Lakes/Woodbine

Racetrack 3 (CH 152): The Meadows/Louisiana Parks

Racetrack 4 (CH 153): Monticello Raceway/Mountaineers

Racetrack 5 (CH 154): Derby Lane/Orange Park Kennel

Racetrack 6 (CH 155): PARX Racing

Racetrack 7 (CH 156): Laurel Parks

Racetrack 8 (CH 157): Gulfstream Park/Yonkers


Canales Variados

PPV 1 (CH 1):

PPV 2 (CH 2):

FOX  HD(CH 90):

NBC HD (CH 91)

CBS HD (CH 92):

ABC (CH 93):

SEC (CH 100):

ACC Network : 

BTN (CH 102):




FS2 HD (CH):

FOX Deportes 




ESPNU (CH 110):

ESPN Deportes (CH 111):

BEIN ESP  (CH 113):


TDN  (CH 114):

MLB Network 

Sport Mix  (CH 116):

NBATV  (CH 117):


GOLTV (Peru):

Tennis Channel (CH 118):

NHL Network (CH 119):

NFL Network (CH 120):

ESPN Latino Sur: 

ESPN Latino Sur 2:

ESPN Latino Sur 3:

FOX Sport Norte:

FOX Sport Norte 2: 

FOX Sport Norte 3: 


NHL/NBA/NFL Pass Season:

Sport Mix  (CH 116): MLB SPORTMIX

Deportes 1  (CH 125):

Deportes 2  (CH 126):

Deportes 3  (CH 127):

Deportes 4  (CH 128):

Deportes 5  (CH 129):

Deportes 6  (CH 130):

Deportes 7  (CH 131):

Deportes 8  (CH 132):

Deportes 9  (CH 133):

Deportes 10 (CH 134):

Deportes 11  (CH 135):

Deportes 12 (CH 136): 

Deportes 13 (CH 137):

Deportes 14 (CH 138):

Deportes 15 (CH 139):

Deportes 16 (CH 140):

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