Next games

Saturday, Sept 28, 2019
US Eastern Time +12 GMT

Stay Tunned for more update games!!!

Soccer Time:

Deportes 9 (CH 133) 7:00am Futbol LaLiga: Athletic Club@Valencia  

Deportes 4 (CH 128) 7:25am Premier League Soccer: Sheffield United FC@Liverpool FC

Deportes 10 (CH 134) 7:30am League 1 Soccer: Lyon@Nantes

Deportes 11 (CH 135) 9:00am Italian Serie A: Juventus@Spal

Deportes 3 (CH 127) 9:30am Futbol Bundesliga: SC Paderborn 07@FC Bayern Munich

Fox  Deportes (CH 106) 9:30am Futbol Bundesliga: RB Leipzig@Schalke 04

Bein Espanol (CH 113) 9:50am Futbol LaLiga: Getafe@Barcelona

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