Next Games (update)

Saturday, August 31, 2019
US Eastern Time +12 GMT

FIBA Mens World Cup:


Deportes 9 (CH 133) 3:30am FIBA Mens World Cup: Angola@Serbia

Deportes 11 (CH 135) 4:00am FIBA Mens World Cup: Poland@Venezuela/8:00am FIBA Mens World Cup: Ivory Coast@China

Deportes 15 (CH 139) 4:30am FIBA Mens World Cup: Nigeria@Russia/7:30am FIBA Mens World Cup: Italy@Philippines

J1 League Soccer:

j1 league

PPV Events (CH 1) 6:00am J1 League Soccer: Kobe@Sapporo

Deportes 9 (CH 133) 6:30am J1 League Soccer: Tosu@Sendai 


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