Jueves 2 Mayo

Usuarios cajas (ANDROID) favor de reinicar por la corriente electrica sus cajas para aceptar cambios y nuevas mejoras al Sistema….


Thursday, May 02

Schedule for Today:

US Eastern Time +12 GMT


PPV Events (CH 1): 1:10pm MLB: Houston Astros@Minnesota Twins /4:00pm NCAA Lacrosse: Detroit Mercy@Quinnipiac/7:00pm NCAA Lacrosse: Canisius@Marist 

FOX (CH 90):

NBC (CH 91):

CBS (CH 92):

ABC (CH 93):

SEC (CH 100): 7:00pm College Baseball: Mississippi State@Texas A&M

NBCSN ( CH 101): 2:00pm Kentucky Derby Classics/7:30pm NHL: Bruins@Blue Jackets/10:00pm NHL: Sharks@Avalanche

BTN (CH 102): 7:30pm College Lacrosse: Johns Hopkins@Maryland

CBSSN (CH 103):

FS1 (CH 104):

FS2 (CH 105):

FOX Deportes (CH 106):

ESPN (CH 107): 8:00pm NBA: Philadelphia 76ers@Toronto Raptors

ESPN2 (CH 108):

ESPNNews (CH 109):

ESPNU (CH 110): 7:00pm College Baseball: Dallas Baptist@Missouri State

ESPN Deportes (CH 111): 8:00pm Baloncesto NBA: Philadelphia 76ers@Toronto Raptors

BEIN USA  (CH 112):

BEIN ESP  (CH 113): 8:20pm Futbol CONMEBOL: Club Guaraní@Deportivo Cali

TDN  (CH 114): 2:30pm Futbol UEFA Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt@Chelsea FC/5:50pm Futbol Sub-17 CONCACAF: Estados Unidos@Canadá

MLB Network (CH 115): 1:00pm MLB Baseball/4:00pm MLB Baseball/8:00pm MLB: Red Sox@White Sox

MLB Sport Mix  (CH 116): MLB SPORT MIX

NBATV  (CH 117):


Deportes 1  (CH 125): 12:10pm MLB: Reds@Mets/8:00pm MLB: Red Sox@White Sox 

Deportes 2  (CH 126): 12:10pm MLB: Padres@Braves/10:00pm MLB: Blue Jays@Angels

Deportes 3  (CH 127): 1:05pm MLB: Rockies@Brewers

Deportes 4  (CH 128): 1:05pm MLB: Astros@Twins

Deportes 5  (CH 129): 2:10pm MLB: Rays@Royals 

Deportes 6  (CH 130): 2:35pm Futbol UEFA Europa League: Arsenal FC@Valencia

Deportes 7  (CH 131): 4:05pm MLB: Cardinals@Nationals

Deportes 8  (CH 132):

Deportes 9  (CH 133):

Deportes 10  (CH 134):

Deportes 11 (CH 135):

Deportes 12 (CH 136):

Deportes 13 (CH 137):

Deportes 14 (CH 138):

PPV Events (CH 1): :10pm MLB: Houston Astros@Minnesota Twins/4:00pm NCAA Lacrosse: Detroit Mercy@Quinnipiac/7:00pm NCAA Lacrosse: Canisius@Marist 

TVG2 (CH 150)

Racetrack 2 (CH 151)

Racetrack 3 (CH 152) 

Racetrack 4 (CH 153) 

Racetrack 5 (CH 154) 

Racetrack 6 (CH 155)

Racetrack 7 (CH 156) 

Racetrack 8 (CH 157)

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