Martes 26

Tuesday, March 26

Schedule for Today:

US Eastern Time +12 GMT


La toronja

MLB Spring Training Season:

Deportes 1 (CH 125): 12:00pm MLB: Tigers@Rays/9:45pm MLB: Oakland@Giants
Deportes 2 (CH 126): 3:00pm MLB: Red Sox@Cubs/10:00pm MLB: Angels@Dodgers
Deportes 3 (CH 127): 2:00pm MLB: Rockies@Twins
Deportes 4 (CH 128): 3:30pm MLB: White Sox@Diamondbacks
Deportes 5 (CH 129): 4:00pm MLB: Mariners@Padres

MLB Network (CH 115): 1:00pm MLB: Reds@Braves/4:00pm MLB: Red Sox@Cubs/7:00pm MLB: Brewers@Blue Jays


Mas tarde se  publicara la Guia completa del dia de hoy!

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