Marzo 4 (NBA/NHL)

Deportes 1  (CH 125): 1:00pm MLB: Red Sox@Mets/7:30pm NBA: Hawks@Heat

Deportes 2  (CH 126): 3:00pm MLB: Indians@Padres/9:00pm NHL: Maple Leafs@Flames 

Deportes 3  (CH 127): 1:00pm MLB: Orioles@Twins/ 9:00pm NBA: Pelicans@jazz 

Deportes 4  (CH 128): 3:00pm MLB: Angeles@White Sox/9:00pm NBA: Bucks@Suns

Deportes 5  (CH 129): 8:30pm NBA: Nuggets@Spurs

Deportes 6  (CH 130): 7:00pm NHL: Oilers@Sabres

Deportes 7  (CH 131): 7:30pm NBA: Mavericks@Nets/10:30pm NBA: Clippers@Lakers

Deportes 8  (CH 132): 10:00pm NBA: Knicks@Kings

Deportes 9  (CH 133):

Deportes 10  (CH 134):

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